For Kass pt. 1

A couple of days ago, my friend Kass told me a few topics she would like me to write about on here. So, this one’s for you dude.

I find many things attractive in people. My most favorite thing I have found that most attracts me to anyone, relationship or friendship, is humor. Finding someone that can make you laugh is almost as great as a yogurt parfait. I think laughing is so necessary for everyone. A good laugh on a bad day is a total game changer.
I also find that I love conversationalists. My favorite people are the ones that I feel like I could talk to forever and we’d never run out of things to talk about. I love when you’re talking to someone and you don’t even realize it’s been hours.
This is very contradictory, but I love people you can just BE with. You don’t have to talk every second of the conversation. There are some friends I have where I know that if I want to just chill and not speak they won’t be bothered by it. Constant conversation, while riveting, is also so exhausting and I think a nice comfortable silence just makes you feel better and more relaxed.
I am superficial, so here are some physical qualities I enjoy: TEETH I’m so weird I know, but I love a good set of teeth. I’ve never really been an eyes person, but I love looking at people’s mouths when they speak. I don’t care what you think about me. I also love broad shoulders. And guys with glasses, holy cow. Alright I feel uncomfortable now, but Kass requested it, so blame her.

She also asked me what qualities I like in myself. Self love is amazing and if you don’t do it, try to compliment yourself at least once a day. Anyway, I FREAKING LOVE MY TEETH. They are my pride and joy. We all have that one body part we stare at when we look in the mirror, and mine is my lips. I love my smile and I don’t care who knows!!! I also love my personality. I love that I’m the type of person that can make people laugh effortlessly, but I can also be there for someone when they’re sad. But, the best thing I love about myself, is that I try not to compare myself to other people. Love yourself for who you are and trust me I know that’s freaking hard sometimes, but once you start trying, it becomes quite easy. Okay, this is way too long.

-your favorite people person



“Wise men say ‘Only fools rush in.'”
Love is kind of cool, I guess. And people do it all the time. They meet someone, find common interests, fall in love, and then either get married, don’t get married, or break up. If you ask me, love is kind of gross. Don’t get me wrong, almost every single movie or book I own is centered around a love story, but feelings are just kind of nauseating to me. And there’s also the fact that love is so important that there was a whole holiday made for it. Love is something strange. I happen to know nothing about the love that makes people run after each other in airports, or stop taxis in the middle of the street, or drive someone so crazy as to want to spend eternity with one other human. Holy cow. Now that’s something. I like those stupid, sappy, gross, lovey-dovey movies because they’re so unrealistic. Love is so cool and so hyped up and I just think it’s awesome that society wants everyone to try it. Heck, sometimes, I want to try it. However, you don’t need love to make you happy. I know, here I go again (on my own). But, seriously, contrary to popular belief, love is not necessary for survival. Love will not take away your troubles or make you a better person. Love is so great and if you want it, I hope you get it, but I also hope you don’t feel bad if you don’t have it right now. I say instead of focusing on love, you should focus on that class you’re doing horribly in, or that job that you need so you can buy food, or those friends who stick by your side even when you complain about being lonely. Love is cool, but don’t feel less than because you don’t have it now, or you’ve never had it, or you think you will never have it again. This Sunday, tell someone you love them, not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because you can and you want to. I love y– well, actually, uh, I, you see, ugh. You’re pretty cool, I guess.

-your favorite people person

Growing Up

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people have a tendency to start growing up at some point in their lives. I don’t mean physically growing up, everyone obviously does that. No, I mean when we finally take the leap from adolescence to adulthood in our minds. We decide that maybe we should actually listen to the advice of elders. We decide that it’s time to buckle down and do something productive with our lives. We apply to college, get jobs, live on our own. We leave behind our favorite childhood movies, books, TV shows and start watching and reading more age appropriate things. I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously not ready to grow up. Being a teenager is honestly such a pleasant thing to be. We’re wild, reckless, apathetic, and we have every excuse to be those things. When we were younger we placed a stigma on childhood. Being a kid means you have rules to follow, restrictions on what you can do, and you have to listen to what your parents tell you. But as you get older you realize you want to follow those rules, restrict certain addictions, and listen to your parents amazing advice. I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing, in fact, it is actually necessary in order to be a successful adult. I’m just saying that I’m not ready for that type of responsibility yet. I don’t want to give up these last glorious years of youth I have. Years where I can be dumb, fun, and not have a care in the world with no consequences. I am cherishing every moment and minute of my youth. I hope to be young for the rest of my life, even when I’m old because being young means being innocent, happy, and unperturbed by the terrible things that go on around us. People just need to stop growing up, get that stick out of their butt, and have some fun, ok?

-your favorite people person



People have a lot of those. Hurt, love, anger, hope, sadness. The list goes on. In this blog post I am going to describe some of my favorite feelings.

  • The feeling you get when you hear THAT song. The one that’s about to change your life. The one that’s going to become everything to you. Even if it’s only for a couple days, or months, or years.
  • The feeling you get when your favorite TV show finally comes back after so many months of being gone.
  • That feeling when you walk outside in the felicitous night air. It’s that perfect temperature that makes you feel as if you are at the beach, there’s an eerie fog that settles in, light coming from the streetlights as well as the moon, and you feel as if anything you imagine is possible. You get in your car and drive with the windows down at midnight and you never want to stop driving because you don’t want to lose that feeling of infinity you get when it’s just you, nature, and not another car on the road to distract you.
  • The feeling you get when you come home and your dog attacks you with everything he’s got because even if you come home at the same time everyday, he somehow thinks today is different and is excited to find out that it isn’t.
  • The feeling you get when your friends laugh at your jokes. Maybe laugh isn’t the right word… cackle? Yeah. When your friends start cackling because you said something funny and you know that you made them happy just by being yourself.
  • The feeling of being 18. (I’ve yet to experience this one, but in a couple of weeks I’ll know exactly what it’s like.)
  • That feeling you get when you thought you failed a test and you couldn’t be more right. (Thank you AP Stat.)
  • Eating a yogurt parfait. (Yes this is a feeling, don’t question it.)
  • When you’re watching a movie and you want to cry, whether something sad or happy happens, so you do.
  • The feeling of being extremely excited to finally figure out your future only to find out you have to wait 2 more months. (You may think this is sad, but it’s actually kind of bittersweet. Definitely more bitter than sweet, though.)

Some people are really great at not showing their feelings. I’m not one of them. I, unfortunately, wear my heart on my sleeve. But, thankfully, the only feeling I truly feel most of the time is happiness. You might say I’m blessed, but it actually took a lot of hard work. You need to be a strong person in order to find the best out of most situations. I’m working on it. You should to.

-your favorite people person

What do you title a first blog?

I would like to start off this new chapter in my life by introducing myself. I figure the only people reading this at the moment will be people who already know me, but who knows? I don’t know how these things become popular, but if you have no clue who I am well here you go.

I’m Nandi Smith. I’m almost 18 years old and I live a pretty ordinary life. I hang out with friends, go to parties, church twice a week, think about boys, and occasionally miss homework assignments. I’m never not reading a book. I have to listen to music to fall asleep. I have a slight obsession with movies. I’m a self-proclaimed class clown aka I love being the center of attention. I am a part of the small percent of the population who actually enjoys working out. I’m tall. Really tall. A lot of people are intimidated when they first meet me. It might be my boisterous personality or the fact that I tower over about 50% of the population. It can be a lot all at once. But once I get comfortable with someone, I truly become myself.

I’ve decided that this is my year. 2016. I turn 18. I graduate. Finally leave behind the minuscule amount of people in my hometown who annoy the poop out of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very friendly person and I truly enjoy spending time with people, but I’ve kind of reached my breaking point. I really love my friends, my acquaintances, even the people who I would rather not have in my life, because people genuinely make me happy.

They’re idiotic. Lovable. Kind. Ruthless. People are kind of cool. And I’m glad I’m one of them. I guess this blog will be about people. Myself, my friends, their tendencies, what makes them tick. This will be good for me and I hope you enjoy it. Or not enjoy. Who cares? As long as you read it.