I Wanna See You Smile

I’ve never really understood how powerful smiles are. Yes, I enjoy the act of smiling, but one smile has the power to change an entire day. Whether you’re smiling for yourself or the benefit of someone else, one smile can change someone’s entire outlook.

I’ve started to notice how much smiling affects others. I make sure to smile at the cashiers at the grocery store, waiters or waitresses, even random people walking past me when I’m going to work. Most people look stoic, but once they see me smile something shifts. Their whole face brightens and then I get the best response ever: a smile back.

Now I’m not saying I have this amazing smile that is capable of bringing even the saddest person out of their funk, but I do believe that smiles are such an unstoppable thing.

My fitness instructor tells us to smile because we burn more calories. While that’s true, I think we should also smile because we help others and ourselves. Researchers say that just a single smile on a sad day can lift your mood. I challenge you to smile as much as you can today. Whether it’s to yourself or someone else, whether it’s sarcastic or because someone said something funny, just do yourself and the world a favor and show off those 32 friends hiding behind your lips!

This was cheesy… get it:-).

-your favorite people person


Author: nandismith

I'm a 20 year old girl. I like books, movies, music, my dog Kona, and anything to do with the word veggie burger. I suck at describing myself so I asked my friends to do it for me: Unique, great friend, carefree Calm, charismatic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate, pro-active, sociable, placid, hilarious, ambitious, amazing, trustworthy, the bomb.com active, sarcastic, and daring, a fart

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