I’m in creative writing. We’re doing poetry. Here you go.

Sunny Skies by Nandi Smith

I seriously saw what I wanted to see
She swam through the sky
As she soared over the seas
She sacrifices her search
For her seperated sweet
To share her spirit somewhere

She’s out in the spring
She stands tall in the snow
She steers the still leaves off of the trees
And reigns in the summer

She’s a stranger to some
Stealthily shutting off when she sees fit
She’s stubborn, but strong and sure

I stare at her as she socializes
Acting shy as she sneaks behind the sheer clouds
The sweat slides down my skin
As I watch her shine over all of us

Several seconds pass by
Too soon she slowly drifts off to sleep
Stealing her light to seek new scenery
And securing shelter for
Her sensitive significant other
And his slightly smaller siblings

-your favorite people person


Author: nandismith

I'm a 20 year old girl. I like books, movies, music, my dog Kona, and anything to do with the word veggie burger. I suck at describing myself so I asked my friends to do it for me: Unique, great friend, carefree Calm, charismatic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate, pro-active, sociable, placid, hilarious, ambitious, amazing, trustworthy, the bomb.com active, sarcastic, and daring, a fart

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