Down In The Dumps

Besides today, this week has been pretty terrible. I won’t go into the sad details, but yeah, it was pretty bad. Through all the bad things, I began to question everything. At the beginning of the year, I told myself that this was my year. This whole week I started to believe that I was wrong. I doubted myself and my abilities. I worried so much. But you know what I did? I talked about my feelings. I just had a moment with one of my favorite teachers and let it out. I didn’t bottle up the sadness, or wallow. I talked to someone who I knew would understand and be able to help me. Sometimes your friends can’t be this person for you. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who’s experienced so much more than you have. All the bad things that happen work towards something good. Today I got into my dream school. If everything in life, the good and the bad, happened any differently this wouldn’t have come to be. I know something good had to happen for me to realize this, but don’t take as long to discover this amazing fact of life. Everything bad leads to something good. When you’re in the sad moments of your life, don’t be down in the dumps like I was. Try and find the positives. The worst day of my week the sun was shining and it was 80 degrees. Find something good in the bad, and something good will come of it.

-your favorite people person


Author: nandismith

I'm a 20 year old girl. I like books, movies, music, my dog Kona, and anything to do with the word veggie burger. I suck at describing myself so I asked my friends to do it for me: Unique, great friend, carefree Calm, charismatic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate, pro-active, sociable, placid, hilarious, ambitious, amazing, trustworthy, the active, sarcastic, and daring, a fart

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