Do you ever just realize you’re terrified?
You think about your future, or your math test, or that person you like, and then discover that you’re scared.
The other day, I sort of realized I might want to be a writer, then became terrified.
Thinking about your future honestly sucks, thinking about relationships, or your grades, or how you’re going to pay for college, oh man. Life is just horrible sometimes.
You know what I do when life becomes too much? I read, or I listen to music, or I just go on a walk, maybe even a run.
Like just enjoying nature, wow. Nature is so freaking cool.
Looking at huge trees swaying in the breeze, as cliche as it sounds, really does make you forget about the little things.
I really wish I could be as serene as I am when I’m outside all the time, but at least I get the chance every once and awhile.
Today at my job, an 11 year old girl told me she had anxiety and I was stunned.
Why are people so worried? Like why can’t people find their tree, their stress reliever, their way out of the madness.
Worrying won’t do anything to change your situation, no matter how much you do it. I wish I could take my own advice, but at least I have the trees to take me away from my troubles, if only for a moment.
Do what you have to do to find your trees, please.

-your favorite people person


Author: nandismith

I'm a 20 year old girl. I like books, movies, music, my dog Kona, and anything to do with the word veggie burger. I suck at describing myself so I asked my friends to do it for me: Unique, great friend, carefree Calm, charismatic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate, pro-active, sociable, placid, hilarious, ambitious, amazing, trustworthy, the bomb.com active, sarcastic, and daring, a fart

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