Hey, I was going to show you guys a poem today, but I don’t feel like it. Instead, I’m going to take a page out of Austin’s book ( and tell a story.

So, I happen to frequent the Y a lot. Monday night, I went with my friends Lauren and Cece to Zumba. The class was poppin, but that’s besides the point. Anyway, as we were walking out Cece found someone’s Y card left on the ground. I, personally, would have kept walking, but Cece is a way better person than me and decided to give it to the front desk.

We all part ways after that and, not even a mile from the Y, I realize I left my phone in the dance studio. I u-turn and speed to the Y wondering why on earth I can’t be more responsible. I park as close as a I can, race inside, scan my card, and run up to see my phone sitting on the exact bench I left it at.

I go back downstairs and as I’m saying goodbye to the people at the front desk, a man and his son walk in and ask if anyone has turned in a membership card.

I stop in my tracks. This must be a coincidence, I think. But then the lady scans the card Cece found, and, sure enough, it’s the man’s card! I smile to myself as I make my way back to my car and immediately text Lauren and Cece the cool news.

This story is meant to show that things happen for a reason. If I wouldn’t have left my phone, I would have never known that the small deed Cece did, that I pushed aside, actually made a difference in someone’s life.

Ok anyway, it’s a sad Saturday for sure, but it is Spring Break. Do something to make your day, or someone else’s, a little brighter.

-your favorite people person


Down In The Dumps

Besides today, this week has been pretty terrible. I won’t go into the sad details, but yeah, it was pretty bad. Through all the bad things, I began to question everything. At the beginning of the year, I told myself that this was my year. This whole week I started to believe that I was wrong. I doubted myself and my abilities. I worried so much. But you know what I did? I talked about my feelings. I just had a moment with one of my favorite teachers and let it out. I didn’t bottle up the sadness, or wallow. I talked to someone who I knew would understand and be able to help me. Sometimes your friends can’t be this person for you. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who’s experienced so much more than you have. All the bad things that happen work towards something good. Today I got into my dream school. If everything in life, the good and the bad, happened any differently this wouldn’t have come to be. I know something good had to happen for me to realize this, but don’t take as long to discover this amazing fact of life. Everything bad leads to something good. When you’re in the sad moments of your life, don’t be down in the dumps like I was. Try and find the positives. The worst day of my week the sun was shining and it was 80 degrees. Find something good in the bad, and something good will come of it.

-your favorite people person


I will admit that, overall, I’m a supremely happy person. Yes, there have been tough times where I questioned my purpose and my friends and what I was doing with my life, but I survived them all. I know God was a major part in bringing me back from the abyss of loneliness I created for myself, but something else saved me. MUSIC. Wow music literally has saved my life. I love it so much words really cannot describe. It’s done so much for me and I wouldn’t even be able to sleep if I didn’t have it.
So I decided to share some music that makes me supremely happy with you. Not all of the songs are happy, but they just make me feel that way!!! I hope you enjoy this “playlist”!!!
Puzzle Pieces- Saint Motel
Poison & Wine- The Civil Wars *the lyrics are superb*
Little Bird- Ed Sheeran
Wilder Mind- Mumford & Sons
Birds Don’t Sing- TV Girl
Worlds on Fire- Zerbin *makes you wanna drive with the windows down and cruise*
Over & Over- Smallpools
Make You Mine- Public
Hourglass- Catfish and the Bottleman *soooo cute*
Freaky Love- Captain Kidd *pls look up the music video*
Everybody Wants to Rule the World- Tears For Fears
Cherry Wine- Hozier
My Type- Saint Motel
Bungalow- Scott Helman
XO- John Mayer
Past Lives- Ke$ha                                                  Highway Don’t Care- Tim McGraw
Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes- Kristin Andreassen
True Love- Coldplay
Friends- Ed Sheeran *best lyricist of our generation*
5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale
Believe- Mumford & Sons
Come On Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
Faithfully- Journey
Yellow- Coldplay
Homesick- Catfish and the Bottleman
Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns
Cherry Lips- Loon Lake
Smile- Mikky Echo *fun message*
Light It Up- OneRepublic *could listen to this on repeat for hours*
The Run and Go- Twenty One Pilots
Irina- Savannah
Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran
Some Nights- fun.
Paradise By the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf
Lovebug- Jonas Brothers *greatest song of all time?*
Work Song- Hozier                                                Starry Eyed- Ellie Goulding
Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen
Repeating Days- R5
Autumn- Matthew Nole                                           It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy- Passion Pit *reminds me of the fall*
and here are three of my favorite bands and you should give every one of their songs a listen
•The 1975
•The Lumineers
•Walk The Moon  (Taylor Swift is queen, but she’s not everyone’s cup of tea so)

have fun listening and tell me if you’ve found your new fav song if you want more I have a Spotify it’s nandismith

-your favorite people person


Do you ever just realize you’re terrified?
You think about your future, or your math test, or that person you like, and then discover that you’re scared.
The other day, I sort of realized I might want to be a writer, then became terrified.
Thinking about your future honestly sucks, thinking about relationships, or your grades, or how you’re going to pay for college, oh man. Life is just horrible sometimes.
You know what I do when life becomes too much? I read, or I listen to music, or I just go on a walk, maybe even a run.
Like just enjoying nature, wow. Nature is so freaking cool.
Looking at huge trees swaying in the breeze, as cliche as it sounds, really does make you forget about the little things.
I really wish I could be as serene as I am when I’m outside all the time, but at least I get the chance every once and awhile.
Today at my job, an 11 year old girl told me she had anxiety and I was stunned.
Why are people so worried? Like why can’t people find their tree, their stress reliever, their way out of the madness.
Worrying won’t do anything to change your situation, no matter how much you do it. I wish I could take my own advice, but at least I have the trees to take me away from my troubles, if only for a moment.
Do what you have to do to find your trees, please.

-your favorite people person