For Kass pt. 1

A couple of days ago, my friend Kass told me a few topics she would like me to write about on here. So, this one’s for you dude.

I find many things attractive in people. My most favorite thing I have found that most attracts me to anyone, relationship or friendship, is humor. Finding someone that can make you laugh is almost as great as a yogurt parfait. I think laughing is so necessary for everyone. A good laugh on a bad day is a total game changer.
I also find that I love conversationalists. My favorite people are the ones that I feel like I could talk to forever and we’d never run out of things to talk about. I love when you’re talking to someone and you don’t even realize it’s been hours.
This is very contradictory, but I love people you can just BE with. You don’t have to talk every second of the conversation. There are some friends I have where I know that if I want to just chill and not speak they won’t be bothered by it. Constant conversation, while riveting, is also so exhausting and I think a nice comfortable silence just makes you feel better and more relaxed.
I am superficial, so here are some physical qualities I enjoy: TEETH I’m so weird I know, but I love a good set of teeth. I’ve never really been an eyes person, but I love looking at people’s mouths when they speak. I don’t care what you think about me. I also love broad shoulders. And guys with glasses, holy cow. Alright I feel uncomfortable now, but Kass requested it, so blame her.

She also asked me what qualities I like in myself. Self love is amazing and if you don’t do it, try to compliment yourself at least once a day. Anyway, I FREAKING LOVE MY TEETH. They are my pride and joy. We all have that one body part we stare at when we look in the mirror, and mine is my lips. I love my smile and I don’t care who knows!!! I also love my personality. I love that I’m the type of person that can make people laugh effortlessly, but I can also be there for someone when they’re sad. But, the best thing I love about myself, is that I try not to compare myself to other people. Love yourself for who you are and trust me I know that’s freaking hard sometimes, but once you start trying, it becomes quite easy. Okay, this is way too long.

-your favorite people person


Author: nandismith

I'm a 20 year old girl. I like books, movies, music, my dog Kona, and anything to do with the word veggie burger. I suck at describing myself so I asked my friends to do it for me: Unique, great friend, carefree Calm, charismatic, enthusiastic, imaginative, passionate, pro-active, sociable, placid, hilarious, ambitious, amazing, trustworthy, the active, sarcastic, and daring, a fart

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